Therhon RiversideEdit


Therhon the Magus

Very little is currently known about Thehron Riverside, other than he is an Elven swordsman and caster. He wears very little armor and manages to move very quickly. His weapon of choice appears to be his Bastard Sword. Thehron also claims to be a veteran of the Andoren revolution and at least on the surface seems rather patriotic towards the Andoran cause.

Thehron appears fond of the spelling burning hands in combat and prefers to flank his opponents when possible.

Therhon is from Riverford just north of the Capital of Andoran. Therhon also quite loudly boasts to others of his worship of the human god "Cayden Cailean" whom he often refers to as the accidental god. His exact reasons for worshiping the accidental god is not known, though those who know him suspect it might just be due to this love of drink and adventure.


Therhon Claims to be a veteran of the revolutionary war.

Service in the WarEdit

Therhon served as a swordsman during the revolution. Though young and inexperienced at the time he often boasts his steel and spell helped turn many a battle. Therhon is rather proud of his service fighting for freedom and democracy which leads to his boasting. Though when deep into his cups a deep sadness sometimes takes over as he remembers those lost during the battles.


Therhon wields a bastard sword in combat and fights unarmored. He often takes it in a single hand so that he can cast burning hands in front of himself with the free hand.


Therhon's Journal