(This journal entry seems hastily scribbled down and frequently switches between trade tongue and elven as if the writer is out of focus.) (This was written on the trip from the coil portal to the elven city.)

I don't even know what to write anymore... We went to the coil. Insane as it sounds... apparently this isn't their first time going there. Apparently someone important to Arn was kidnapped there, it seems like a good cause I could not refuse it. We arrived to what seemed like a half built settlement with a large open portal to the coil, naturally, everyone stepped through. Immediately on the other side we were attacked by a pair of guards, one bit me... it felt aweful, sickening even. I never felt so weakened. It was poison of course and after they rushed to have me drink a vial of antitoxin they had available Lady Alex demanded I feed from her again, I had before we arrived. It was not something I wanted to do but we had little time to argue so I only took just enough to get me moving again. We stormed the temple only to have some sort of symbol sent wracking pain through our bodies as we entered. It made things harder, there were yuan-ti everywhere. A young blonde woman was layed out on the altar, Arn was focused... the fact she was there how she was seemed to enrage him. She must mean a great deal to the man.The combat was difficult, it seemed like Lady Alex was concerned that I fought so close to everything, but thats all I was trained for. That was when it happened... I stepped into whatever the aura was... it empowered me... I injured the cleric so much, whatever the energy was it surged through me... I lost myself, next thing I knew I had a slump dead cleric in my arms and I was drenched in blood. Lady Alex was pushing me out of the auras affects, she was trying to kiss me, I wasn't exactly in the mood. I fed on someone to their death... I've never gone that far, I've always held restraint.

I... I need to stop... maybe if I resist long enough I won't need it anymore... maybe if I was secured until I tired out of rage it would just not be required. I'm trying to avoid her now, I just cannot bring myself to do it now if she tries to pressure me.

I'll eat normal food more... maybe it will help.