It was the only dance I knew... the only dance I bothered to learn, but no other talent would even conceive of doing what had to be done. The event was perfect she would be out on the stage and nearly a breaths away, the closest anyone of my caliber would ever have a chance to be. This isn't right... its against all my god teaches... but someone had to do it. My mother saw the problem but she was too good


sword and ribbon

... too kind. My father... well... he was never the thoughtful sort. With my ribbon in hand I checked to be sure my weapon of vengence was secure and out of sight as a reveal myself on stage. My dance... it is not perfect, but she is not expecting perfection, every other person was a student themselves here. However it is good enough to achieve belief...or is it... her shift... does she suspect who I am? If she suspects then I may not succeed... and I must succeed. As my dance finishes I pull out the weapon that would be her destruction and take aim, the crowd goes silent around me as it strikes true.