The humans looked up to the Luminar... for the most part, a few... thought the Luminar's 

existence confining they opposed them, they fought some even attempted to turn the Luminar 

to see their way of life and a few... with a gentle push from Chaos did. These lawkeepers 

began to feel as if their actions were wrong, to force these laws across the world was too

much and when the rest of their people discovered their feelings about this they were 

banished to the world below. Angry and spiteful the fallen Luminar's went deeper, further 

from the surface of the lawkeepers world never to be seen again for hundreds of years.

It was a group of Lapisra mining deep that first discovered the Praesom, mistaking them 

for Luminar initially, though the guardians were quickly corrected. The long years 

underground left the Praesom, pale, their hair darkened and the magic they drew from 

the light gone. Lacking such things the Praenomen created and drew new magic elsewhere, 

darker magic intended to counter that which had shunned them.

Praesoms as a player: A Praesom tends to be withdrawn, still being born of a creature 

of justice they have their own twisted view of it. They tend to respect local 

laws but should they not like them they tend to move on to a more favorable 

environment. They are sturdier then their counterparts from the years of living 

underground and also tend to be more comfortable in the shadows. They tend not to 

be trusted due to their banished status, however where Luminar's aren't welcome 

Praesoms are.

Praesom Stats:

+2 str, +2 con, -2 cha

flight 30 average

Darkvision 60ft

If Cha 11+ Bleed, Chill Touch, Detect Poison, and Touch of Fatigue 1/day each

+2 will saves vs enchant, can reroll failed saves 1 round later

+1 to dc of necromancy spells

Favored Class: Slayer or Magus