Noncertus are a highly curious race of scholars. Child-like in appearance they are frequently mistaken for young teenage humans, the part that makes them different is the symbol of power glowing upon their forehead. Their origins are often speculated and a large controversy to the world though all agree that the Lady of Chaos had a play in it.

Noncertus are enigmatic, and prefer to dwell around their own... so much in fact that have their own cast system based entirely upon the symbols on their forehead, despite that the symbol seems to be nothing but decorative it is used to distinguish the members who are respected and those left to do what is considered menial tasks. A lower cast member would be expected to perform tasks or manual labor and diplomacy. Diplomacy is considered a menial task and to be issued such duties is considered unfavorable no matter how necessary the circumstances are for it. Noncertus rarely travel or adventure but when they do it is usually for magical purposes.

Noncertus Stats:

-2 con, +2 int, +2 wis

+1 to all saves

Magical Linguist

+2 to cl check to overcome spell resistance

+2 concentration to cast defensively

+2 to castor lv to dispel magic

Favored Classes: Wizard or Witch