Human Homeland:  SALKERIA


Human Siblings:  2 BROTHERS

Siblings:  YOUNGER

Race of Adopted Sibling: GNOME

Unusual Homeland:  NEAR SEA

Circumstance Of Birth  Noble Birth

Nobility:   MINOR PRINCE

Parents' Profession: ARTISANS

Major Childhood Event:  BETRAYAL


Punishment:  TRAIL BY COMBAT

Fighter Background:   SCHOOLED

Influential Associates:  THE MERCENARY

Conflicts:  CHEATER

Conflict Subject:  ARTISAN

Motivation:             PLEASURE

Resolution:  Sincere Regret

Deity: Soggelos

Romantic Relationships:  SEVERAL SIGNIFICANT ‘SHIPS

Relationship with Fellow Adventurer: FORMER ALLIES


The Oceanside town of Bubbles while not known as a sprawling metropolis, does have more than its fair share of artisans.  One such artisan, a noble of low consequence, Indigo Strong, was at his height of notoriety when he fell in love with Olive.

Shortly after their marriage, Olive is swollen with child and 9 months later, Valeros “Bud” Strong.  Try as the newlyweds might, a second child was not in the cards.

8 years pass until Olive is with child, twins, if the clerics and oracles were to be believed, but tragedy struck when one was born still.  In their grief, the family Strong adopted a baby gnome that was found washed up near their home.

Victor & Gnorris Strong were a welcomed arrival and garnered most of the attention, leaving Valeros searching for new ways to get their attention.

By the age of 12 Valeros, now preferring to be called “Bud” figured the way into his father’s good graces was to craft a decadent art piece, but in order to achieve this marvel he thought it best to use some questionable gotten materials.

Caught smuggling in the contraband, Bud spends a chunk of his time locked up, pushed around and assaulted daily.  The time in jail changes Bud forever.  Turning towards the sea for strength, he devotes his heart to Soggelos and his body to the blade. 

The minor prince, turning his back on the comforts of home for life on the road as a mercenary by the age of 16, he finds and loses many loves, he’s not sure if he can ever go back to Bubbles, or to face his family for the shame that he’s brought them… perhaps one day.