Arcane MagicEdit

Casting Sources

Drawing FocusEdit

Schooled mages are taught to meditate and draw worldly magic into a mana focus. From that focus they weave spells to their desired results.


Blood mages, either vile or with consideration to the magic of the world draw magic from Life Force, at the cost of Life Force they weave magic to their desired results.


Wild mages weren't taught, they discovered the magic of the world either by seeing magic done or feeling it naturally. They siphon magic directly from their environments and attempt to weave their intended results at the risk of wild failure.

Arcane        Edit

C-Magical Detection 

Magical Detection is a arcane cantrip any mage can cast any time. It allows the caster to detect strong sources of magic, typically spells and enchantments in the immediate area.


As the word suggests, this target will put a person or persons to sleep depending on the skill invested in to the spell.


Use of charm will make another more open to your influence or even as far as obeying your every command at higher levels.


Shatter will have a chance to break mundane objects, at higher skill levels it will be capable of breaking magical objects.


Use of this spell will lock or unlock simple locks at a distance, at higher skill levels the range and complexity of the locks it can handle will improve.

3-Force Sphere

Manipulation of the magical force around a mage, a mage can hurl highly accurate spheres of magic or even form a shield like barrier against attacks and similar magic themselves.

-Force Weapons

When lacking weapons, a mage can form one of magic themselves. At higher levels enchantments can be applied for the duration the weapon is available.


Instantly transport yourself short or long distances, at higher levels range and number of passangers improve.


Magic is the core of all life, through manipulation of anothers magic you can force them into paralysis. Range and number of targets will improve with higher levels.


With enough magical energy any spell can be made permanent.

-Null Magic Zone

Supressing magic from an area is dangerous, a skilled enough mage can accomplish this feat without killing the life within for the duration.


A master Arcane mage is feared the most as they can manipulate the magic around them to create the effects of any spell from any magic known in Cordia at a high cost of mana and varying degrees of aptitude. It is unheard of for Blood Mages to utilize this spell due to the amount of their own life force it would cost. The last known Blood Mage who tried this spell died to create their desired affects.

Fire                                Edit


Candlelight is a fire cantrip any mage can cast any time. It produces a  light either alone or on a designated object.

1-Fire Burst

A small burst of fire from ones hand. Higher levels means bigger flames!


Temporarily cast flames upon a weapon that it might burn with each strike.

2-Resist Fire

Resist that which you sear upon others.

-Fire Beam

Concentrate fire into a searing beam of energy.


Warm an area to unbearable temeratures.

-Fire Shield

A protective sphere of fire around yourself, will block some magical damage and damage direct attackers.


Hurl flaming bombs.

-Fire Column

A pillar of fire, at high levels can be extended in to walls.

5-Fire Rain

Bring down fire from the sky to rain upon your entities.


Concentrated fire, so powerful it leaves nothing behind but a pile of ash.

6-Fire Perfection

Extra damage, combined spells, your mastery of fire can even mimic other magics to limited affects.


C-Create Water

Create water is a water cantrip any mage can cast. It will create a small amount of clean water.

1-Lesser Healing

Most beings of Cordia are made up primarily of water, it is an easy effort to manipulate that within a person to restore Life Force.

-Ice Shard

Cold as ice, sharp as a blade. With this a mage can fling shards of crystalized energy at an enemy.

2-Resist Cold

Resist cold and attacks made of cold energy.

-Delay Poison

Manipulating the water within a person can delay poison and at greater levels purge it completely.

3-Group Healing

Create a soothing aura that gradually heals Life Energy of occupants within. 


Restore damage done to limbs, at greater levels replace lost limbs completely.

4-Control Water

Water bends to your will, control sources of water to move twist as you will. At greater levels its rumored one can even move the water within another as easily as any other body of water.


Freeze water solid, higher levels mean more water.


Bring someone back from death.

-Ice Storm

Rain down ice upon your enemies.

6-Water Perfection

Extra damage, combined spells, your mastery of water can even mimic other magics to limited affects.

Earth                                Edit


Earthskin is an earth cantrip any mage can cast. It creates a soften layer above the skin of the caster that absorbs a tiny amount of damage.         

1-Acid Touch                    

-Sink Sand                     

2-Resist Acid                   

-Granite Fists                  




-Acid Cloud                     



6-Earth Perfection          


C-Mage Hand

Mage Hand is a wind cantrip any mage can cast. It will allow the caster to levitate anything weighing only a few pounds.



2-Resist Electricity

-Electric Cone



4-Lightning Bolt

-Ball Lightning

5-Lightning Arc


6-Wind Perfection