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Last of the Month, Early Spring

They applauded me tonight. It is A hollow victory, I showed more skin than I had planned and the ale was stronger than they knew. It was an alright performance. I didn't hit every note and I am pretty sure my timing was off. I let the Ale get to me again. One of the patrons said he really liked my signing. He bought me a few more drinks and we spoke for about thirty minutes. He seemed quite nice and well off. I didn't even mind when he put his hand on my thigh, it was dark in the tavern and most couldn't see anyways. But when he put two gold on the bar and slid them towards me I hit him, I think with a closed fist. I hit him and then drew on him.

He backed off, left the gold. I took the gold, I needed it. Then the tavern owner took the gold, apparently the man hadn't paid yet. Never did get his name.

Gods I feel horrible.

No, I feel fine really I do. I am doing what I want, I am signing, I am drinking and I am making it home on most nights. Things are fine, they really are fine.

I might have to sell the house. Dad left debts I guess, even more than we thought. The manor didn't cover all of them, and Dad had already sold the place down by Lake Dallin. I have no idea what he did with that money. Uncle wrote a few weeks ago, he might be bringing gold and treasures back from his most recent adventure, he says it should help a lot but I have no idea when he will be back he tends to get sidetracked and disappear for months, sometimes longer and it's not his debt. It was my father's, mine now.

I really am fine though.

I was deep into my cups last night and thinking. Thinking I should pick up and leave, but I doubt I will. Might be hard to find a regular gig like I have down at the tavern. I am lucky really. Plus it's close to home, I can stumble home when I need to. I really am fine. My words are getting hard to see and my candle is about to go out and my guest is looking like he is ready again. Tomorrow is the first of the month, the holy day of Chaniud, maybe I'll give him a prayer at noon and ask for help that should be worth a laugh at any rate.

I am fine.


Alexandrina Silversmith

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