House Silversmith Signet in Wax

A small binding of papers, barely held together make up Alexandrina's Journal. See Entries below.

The pages here are presented in character in the first person. See notes on each entry for additional information.

  1. Another Day (Prelude)
  2. The Rescue of a Lass (Sessions 1-2)
  3. Mausoleums and Elves (Sessions 3-4)
  4. Keli
  5. The Coil and Honda
  6. Vampires
  7. Walking Blues
  8. Come Together (Night before the Attack on the Inn)
  9. Hell Hound on my Trail (immediately after the Attack)
  10. Bloodbath (The morning after the Attack)
  11. House of the Rising Sun (Meeting Yeren and traveling to Trin)
  12. Get Back (The Mother Fucking Coil Redux)
  13. To Where You Once Belonged
  14. What is and what should never be (We kidnapped a girl)
  15. The Last Resort (prelude to a showdown)
  16. Rollin' and Tumblin'
  17. Somedays you get the bear, somedays the bear gets you
  18. (Ain't) No Rest For the Wicked
  19. Things and Stuff! (Another Cleric Down) 
  20. Crossroads
  21. Devil's Dance Floor (visitors from when?) 
  22. Try
  23. Fail
  24. Black Keys
  25. White Stripes
  26. Dust In The Wind
  27. Consoler of the Lonely (Final)